For me, equity & justice are defined by more than theory. My 30+ years in public service as a district attorney, a judge & NYS Parole Board commissioner have become engrained with my life as a parent, an involved member of the community & the son of immigrants.

These experiences in life & law have shaped my judicial temperament.

Gino Nitti for NYS Supreme Court
Judge Gino Nitti


County Courts are authorized to handle the prosecution of all crimes committed within the County. The Court generally handles felony cases in which a sentence of imprisonment in excess of one year may be imposed.

The County Court also has limited jurisdiction in civil cases involving amounts up to $25,000. In addition, the County Court acts as an intermediate appellate court, hearing appeals from the City Courts and Town & Village Courts.

Get to Know Gino

12 Years as Greece Town Judge

12 Years as Special Assistant DA

6 Years as Deputy County Attorney

Appointed NYS Parole Commissioner by Governor, Unanimously Confirmed by Senate


County Court Has Real-Life Impact

Equal Pay & Fair Hiring Practices At Your Job
Equal Access to Healthcare When You’re Sick
The Same Education Opportunities for Your Kids

A Judge is often the last check & balance in ensuring the system works for you.

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